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the decathlon disaster
rob i have a bad feeling about this
Every year, Central City High School and Keystone City High School duke it out nerd style in what they like to call the Scientific Decathlon. It's essentially like the Academic Decathlon, but somehow less cool because it's only for science nerds. This year, KCHS is hosting the event, and Wally is basically the guarantor that they'll win, because he's, you know, a science genius. He also has lightning fast reflexes that are basically invaluable—even though that's really just a speedster thing. But no one needs to know that, because that would kind of be cheating, and then Wally would actually have to go to class, which would really make the rest of his day miserably boring.

The only problem with this year's SciDec is the fact that the science classes from Central forced to come watch it this year contain people from Wally's junior high that he'd rather never see again. He'd literally begged his parents to let him commute to Keystone every day for school just to get away from these kids. Jay and Joan didn't even ask why Wally wanted to enroll at Keystone when he visited them with the Keystone enrollment form, and they gladly let him use their address. Wally was like their grandson, and they wanted him to be able to go to whatever school he wanted, regardless of the reason. So, with the Garrick's permission granted, he was finally able to convince his parents to let him switch schools (Iris definitely helped convince his dad), and he started at Keystone the next fall.

Freshman year was pretty much a dream come true for him—new environment, new teachers, new students, new everything. No one knew who he was, and that's exactly how he wanted to keep it. He didn't have to struggle to fit in because no one really cared if he fit in or not. He could be that ginger science geek without being constantly teased about it, and while some students were definitely envious of his intelligence, they didn't go out of their way to make his life a living hell because of it. Sometimes his fellow students would even ask him questions after class, but that was really the extent of his interaction with them. He didn't consider anyone at school his friend, but that was the point. Civilian friendships were liabilities anyway, and he definitely didn't want to bring his "job" to school—for him, Kid Flash and Wally West needed to stay two separate people, two separate lifestyles. Should the two ever mix, he's not sure what he would do...

Which is why the decathlon is such a disaster before it even really starts. He doesn't know why he looks up past the stupid smug faces of the Central assholes, because it's not like anyone he knows is coming (he'd only briefly mentioned it to Midori), but when he does and ends up seeing Dick, Midori, and Artemis sneaking in to grab seats near the back row, his face practically goes white. He panics and finds his Chemistry teacher, telling him he won't be able to participate this year and quickly exits the auditorium, because why are his teammates here. If the assholes from Central hadn't also been there, maybe he would have been okay with them coming to cheer him on, but, no, they shouldn't even be here anyway. Don't they all have school too?

A thousand thoughts run through his head as he races to the health class he's been excused from today. "Sorry I'm late," he says to his teacher, veering into a seat in the back row before she can ask him any questions. His heart is pounding and he's still not even sure if he was imagining things or not, but maybe if he hides out in class they won't be able to find him and they'll just leave. (Unlikely, considering Robin, but he can hope.)

Invasion of the Idiot Cat Girl
r is for kicking your ass
Fancy dinner parties.

It's always the fancy dinner parties. Some kind of charity event for some kind of Children's Hospital that Bruce's father started up. It's something that Dick totally couldn't care less about, but since Bruce has to be here, so does he. He has to make an appearance, be the ward. Be the poor little circus kid Bruce was so charitable to take in.

Sometimes Dick blames each and every high member of society who comes to these things on what happened to his parents just because he can.

But even if he does, he still has to play his part. He still has to wear the fitted tux, smile and nod and shake hands with everyone that Bruce introduces him to, talk to the few of them that respect him enough beyond the "wow you're so big now!" and make his swift exit onto the next businessman when the time is right. Half an hour into the party and he's already made his important rounds - Commisioner Gordon (who did not bring his daughter, which made Dick a little disappointed. Babs was cool. He liked her.), the mayor, etc. - and he was left to hovering by the buffet. 

This night was going to go very slowly.

can't keep my hands off you
can today possibly get more boring

"Welcome to Ohio!" Wally groans. God, he doesn't even know how long he's been driving anymore. And it's probably only been a few hours, which makes it worse because that means they haven't even gone that far. Being forced to go 80 mph or under is starting to drive him a little crazy. He has half a mind to just ditch the car and run Dick across the rest of the country, but, no, he's got to stay focused and pretend to be a normal human being who thinks going 80 miles an hour is fast. Plus the whole point of this road trip is to bond with his best friend, and being forced to drive a car through pretty much every state in the US is the perfect way to do it.

"So much to discover!" he continues, pretending to sound excited. He glances over to Dick with a skeptical look on his face. "That's a total lie, isn't it. Everyone knows there's nothing in Ohio." But maybe there's something here and he just doesn't know about it. He seriously doubts it, but hey, either way they'll have to get through this stupid state eventually.


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